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About Partnership

The website ( perform various type of services for academic institutions and its members (students and employee). One of the most important service among them is members profile management. This service is available free of cost to all enlisted institutions (i.e. the Institutions which are recorded in this website) within India. Any individual may search whether his /her institution is enlisted or not on the website. If the institution is not enlisted here, he/she may request for the listing of the same.

When an Institutuion and /or its Department and/or Hostel appoint a person as web-admin, then it will be regarded as a partner of the website

Beyond these, there are some printing houeses and organizations who have some special access to this website and offer some exclusive service to various institutions. They are regarded as agent.

Facilities to the enlisted Institution:

1. Online directory of students and employee.
2. Enlistment of members by themselves.
3. Search members on the basis of one or more criteria like name, year of admission, pass-out, department etc.
4. A ready page for present/past members of different category.
5. Easy communication among member through email.
Request for Institute Enlistment And many more...

Facilities to the Partner Institutions:

In addition to the above facilities a partner institution has the following facilities:
6. Assign a web-admin who can monitor and manage (addition, approval and deletion) the member's list.
7. Edit enlisted members information related to that institution.
8. Sending group mail to the members from the website.
9. Access to view and add phone numbers, emails and addresses of the members.
10. Admin of a University or a College may also assign admin for the departments and hostels under them.
11. Admin of department/hostel may assign admin for the Reunion /Hall-day / Seminar / Alumni Association.
12. Manage Reunion /Hall day invitation list online (single/ multi-user).
13. Design I-card, Participants badge, Reunion / Hall-day badge (with profile photo) etc.
14. A free blog for each partner for discussion among its members.
And many more... More about Partnership


1. A person or organization capable work with internet (mainly in English) and are willing to work with Docu Enterprise.
2. They should also have good communication skill.
For a partner Institute, they can
1. Design and print I-card with few clicks with the help of this website.
2. Offer online verification of these I-Card with the help of this website.
3. Offer online form for Seminar, Workshop etc.
4. For Seminar, Reunion, Hall-day etc. Design and print photo badge.
5. Access to the submitted data of the participants of the Seminar and Workshop etc. So they can also design & print Abstract etc.
6. Can make arrangements to make an institute “Partner” of the website.
1. Be sure that the concerned institute is authentic and registered under govt rule.
2. Before printing be sure that the info of the concerned candidate is complete and authentic.
3. Maintain Privacy of the candidates.